Product groups with Ru bycon reliability
Product groups with reliability to respond to all manner of needs.
From standardized products to custom-made items.
The Rubycon brand promises high performance and high reliability.
Small-sized aluminum electrolytic capacitors
We are making an impact in fields where compactness,slimness and reliability are demanded,from AV equipment to
information and communication equipment such as celluler phones and personal computers.
Large-sized aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Large-sized aluminum electrolytic capacitors are stable at high temperatures and over long lifetimes.
Film capacitors
Based on our unique technical development,Rubycon provides many types of film capacitors by use with superior insulation
qualities,moisture resistnce and heat resistance,such as polyester,polypropylene and metallized polyester.
Perfect quality assurance system that considers CS as first priority
With a quality assurance system based on the International Quality Assurance Standard QS9000 and ISO-9000 series
as our foundation,we are pursuing highly reliable products of stable quality.Rubycon capacitors created from our general
quality assurance system are all highly reliable and of high quality.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors for photo flash
Rubycon holds a 70% world share in aluminum electrolytic capacitors for photo flash.High performance,high reliability
and stable quality over long periods of time are gaining overwhelming support.
Chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Our highly reliable chip-type aluminum electrolyte capacitors cope with high density.high-speed packaging.
Ultra-low-impedance capacitor
Featuring extremly low impedance,this capacitor is suitable for low-cost small-size applications.
Switching power supply units
Small-sized,lightweight switching power supply units that enable high reliability and long life through technology and expertise
cultivated by the development and production process of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.